Early Stage Challenge

Capri brings expertise and capital to address this challenge

Early days

▌Great technology

▌Beta customers or development partners

▌Relationships founder driven

▌Perception of customer validation

What’s Missing

▌Reference customers

▌Sales management structure

▌GTM strategy & support


▌Ready to scale

▌Attract talent

▌No shortage of capital

▌Less dilution


Capri has Established A Fund & Platform to Fill this Void

We are bringing a degree of access & support historically available to only later stage companies

Market Access

Access to U.S. Customers and Channel partners to learn from and develop early reference-ability


Ecosystem of experienced software executives and professionals for ongoing mentoring, advisory and BoD support

Commercial Playbook

From initial customers, GTM strategy to tactical hiring & S&M Management provide commercial playbook to execute


For International Companies provide catalyst to launch U.S. Operation



Commercial Playbook Process Page.jpg

Infographic Process Page Official.jpg