Capri Ventures is raising a $50MM fund Focused on Helping Early Stage Enterprise Technology Companies Drive Commercialization.

Capri Ventures is a enterprise tech venture fund with principals uniquely qualified to drive commercialization of early stage tech companies. We leverage our access to the best early stage deals and combine it with unique expertise to accelerate market traction.


The Principals

Alex Pinchev final.jpg


Alex Pinchev

Former President of Sales & Marketing, Rackspace.
Formerly Red Hat.

Bob Beauchamp final.jpg


Bob Beauchamp

Chairman of the Board, BMC Software.
Board of Directors Raytheon, among others.

Dennis Shaya final.jpg


Dennis Shaya

COO Siemplify. 
Former partner NYC micro VC. 
Corporate roles with Ford, IBM, Deloitte Consulting.


Gilly Ron final.jpg


Gilly Ron

Former CMO Matrix. 
Chairman of Cloudzone.
20 year veteran, Israeli Tech Community.

The  Extended Team

▌Don Duet, Former Managing Director/Head of Technology , Goldman Sachs

▌Jim Whitehurst, President & CEO, Red Hat 

▌Tom Kilroy, Former Executive VP of Sales & Marketing, Intel 

▌Tsvi Gal, CTO, Morgan Stanley 

▌Beat Buetikofer, former Executive, Swisscom 

▌Scott Crenshaw, Executive, Rackspace 

▌Motti Finkelstein, CTO Americas, Citi

▌Maria Himmel, SVP Fidelity, Former Head of Infrastructure, Barclays

▌John Burton, Partner Updata Capital, CEO, Nintex

▌Daan Teunissen, CEO, Xebia Group

▌John Schanz, Former EVP & Chief Network Officer, Comcast

▌Iain Gray, SVP Customer Success, Docker

▌Adalio Sanchez, former GM Global Server Business IBM, current board member of public companies